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CHIROMOYA /Klaus Enrique – "fear"

Chirimoya Fashion entered an artistic partnership with National Geographic featured New York based artist Klaus Enrique .

In preparation for our fashion performance ‘Invasion 2020’ at Vienna Fashion Week 2019 the Chiromoya team led by founder and creative director John Bocanegra partnered with Klaus Enrique to the explore the brutal forces of nature in the desert of Tatacoa "Desierto de la Tatacoa" 5 Hours away from Ibagué the Capital of the department Tolima in Colombia. The intent was to face the harsh reality of the past when Colmbia was invaded by the Spanish . The locals confronted not only with the forces of nature but also with the aggression of the invaders.

The 5 day journey tested the physical limits of our models. Heat, scarcity of food and water and gruelling hours in front of the camera.

Fundamental questions such as remain humans human when facing adversity? What is beauty ? Can beauty be more that perfection? Are we ready to show our weaknesses, our vulnerability in front the camera?

Fighting the stereotypes, realizing that beauty can found everywhere and challenging existing fashion paradigms was our quest .

Judge for yourself whether we succeeded. See you at Vienna Fashion Week 2019. Be aware INVASION2020 is imminent!

CHIRIMOYA – Creative Director John Bocanegra

Ph: Klaus Enrique - www.klausenrique.com

Models: Daniela Arias, Cristian Camilo Cabezas, Kelly Sevillano, Sergio Galleano

Exhibición de El Cubo de Chirimoya

ph: Klaus Enrique www.klausenrique.com

"El miedo se vence haciendo las cosas" - Klaus Enrique