Salvaje 2022 - JOHN BOCANEGRA

The experiences of our ancestors become paired together with futuristic ideas, new territories, new universes. A bridge between earth and heaven, between tradition and modernity. VIDEO click the image


Ancestral 2018 - CHIRIMOYA

Our 2018 collection, built on the themes of Origin, deepened the connection to Colombian indigenous populations, going back to the roots of Latin America as represented by the artisans.

VIDEO click the image


Los Honrados "Die Ehrenvollen"

This art exhibition was presented during the Take Festival 2017. It was a collaboration with the artisans from Guamo - Tolima and Chirimoya. I reinterpreted their tectonic knitting named Corroncho. A 200 years tradition. 


Invasión 2019 - CHIRIMOYA

A study of the conquest of Latin America, this analogy is presented metaphorically, conceptually and through the medium of opulence. Inspired by the great ‘Cultural Clash’, this period saw the confrontation of the indigenous population with the invading Spanish Empire. VIDEO click the image

Captura de Pantalla 2021-11-25 a la(s) 7

Collaboration with "Klaus Enrique"

Collaboration with Mexican Photographer Klaus Enrique for CHIRIMOYA. www.klausenrique.com - click image


Origen 2017 - CHIRIMOYA

My first Collection for Chirimoya, exploring the Koghi culture with street people from Ibagué. I'm impressed how avant gard are they without taking any risk. PH: David Jaramillo Klinkert